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The University of Chicago College Bowl team will be hosting ACF Midwest Regionals on 23 Feb 2002 (i.e. it will be a Saturday-only tournament, in contrast to past years). All games will take place in Cobb Hall, 5811 South Ellis, as per tradition. Registration will start at 8:30 am, and the tournament will begin at 9. All first round games will begin 10 minutes after the tournament begins, regardless of whether all teams are present.

Details on the fee structure and packet requirements can be found in message 7903 on the Yahoo club.

The Field:

Iowa State1
Chicago house teams3

Odds & Ends:

Restaurants (courtesy Susan):

Basically, if you want to eat in Hyde Park, just wander along 53rd or 57th

53rd Street:
Rajun Cajun (1459):  Indian food and fried chicken.  Very cheap.
Dunkin Donuts (1411):  The only 24-hour place in Hyde Park.
Noodles Etc. (1458):  The best and most authentic Thai food in Hyde
Park.  Really cheap.
Cedars of Lebanon (1618): Mediterranean.
Dixie Kitchen (5225 S. Harper, in Harper Court): Moderately expensive but
REALLY GOOD Cajun/Southern food.

the Med (1327): Shakes, pizza, sandwiches, whatever.  A "campus
hangout".  Some publication voted its waiters the cutest in the city.  I
don't know about that.
Noodles Etc. (1333): Same as on 53rd.
Florian (1450): Pretty much the same as the Med, but open slightly later
and slightly further from campus.  They have good pizza, but watch out -
two of our team have gotten food poisoning here.
Salonica (1440):  All-day breakfast.  They fry just about everything here.

The Cove (1750 E. 55th):  Dive.
Falcon Inn (1613 E. 53rd):  Dive.
Jimmy's (1172 E. 55th): Now the only non-scary bar in Hyde Park.  The
Chicago Life Guide claims that it's a "University of Chicago neighborhood