Current Officers

Jason Zhou, President
Jason is a third-year undergraduate who has not yet decided upon a major, but is a lover of Classics and Great Power politics. He is a classical music aficionado who enjoys borrowing, purchasing (and occasionally reading) books. He also likes eating, despite (allegedly) not knowing many different cuisines.
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Samir Khan, Vice President
Samir Khan is a third-year undergraduate math major who spends more time on statistics and machine learning than on math. He dreams of a day when quizbowlers can train computers to play in their stead, since this is his best hope of winning a title.
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Marianna Zhang, Vice President
Marianna is a second-year undergraduate studying psychology and philosophy. She enjoys hiking, expressing love for Sufjan Stevens, and attempting to cook. It is said that if the A team were an all-humor team, she would land a spot for her facial expressions; in the meantime, she's still working on moving her eyebrows independently.
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Alston Boyd, Vice President of Finance
Alston Boyd is a third year majoring in philosophy. He enjoys cooking, reading Pitchfork best of decade lists, and collecting books out of a misplaced sense of duty. Much like Samir, one of his regular pastimes is missing tossups on books he has read.
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