Team Pictures

The magic of Quizbowl cannot be truly captured in image-based media, but some pictures are worth a thousand tossups!

The Chicago A team at ICT 2023
Left to right: Ned Tagmeier, Vivek Sasse, Adam Fine, Matt Jackson
Photo by Jonah Greenthal

Chicago's 1st place team at the Midwest mirror of 2019 ACF Fall (all left to right)
Overall Champions: Daniel Yang, Yohhan Kumarasinghe, Vivek Sasse, Adam Klein
UG Champions: Daniel Yang, Yohhan Kumarasinghe, Vivek Sasse, Adam Klein
DII Champions: Daniel Yang, Yohhan Kumarasinghe, Vivek Sasse, Adam Klein

Chicago's 2nd-place DII team at the 2019 ICT.
Left to right: Ben Miller, Grant Li, Wonyoung Jang, Edgar Lin

The 2019 Chicago A team
Left to right: John Lawrence, Kai Smith, Alston Boyd, Matthew Lehmann

Chicago A after winning 2018 ACF Nationals
Left to right: Kai Smith, John Lawrence, Alston Boyd, Jason Zhou

Chicago's DII championship-winning team at the 2018 ICT
Left to right: Halle Friedman, Luke Tierney, Matthew Lehmann, Ian Baram

Whether we're receiving yet another championship trophy or negging six times in a final, the hype never dies at UChicago.

The Chicago team after winning NAQT's 2016 Intercollegiate Championship Tournament.

Before the finals, Max and Chris debate how many times they should neg. They settle on six.
ACF Nats 2015
Left to right: James Lasker, Max Schindler, John Lawrence, Chris Ray, the honorable gentlemen of the University of Pennsylvania's A team.

After sewing up a win over Maryland, John and Max celebrate wildly.
ACF Nats 2015
Left to right: Max Schindler, John Lawrence, Chris Ray (with cameos by Matt Jackson and Rob Carson)

The B team at Regionals
ACF Regs 2015 @ NIU
Left to right: Michael Coates, Athena Kern, Marianna Zhang, Jason Zhou.

John is forced to use the Oxford Open trophy to free the car.
Echo Base, Chicago.

A visit to the Tower Bridge en route to Oxford Open 2015
Left to Right: Jason Zhou, Max Schindler, Chris Ray, Athena Kern, Marianna Zhang

Chris threatens to shoot the photographer.
DEES @ Northwestern 2014.
Left to Right: Michael Coates, Chris Ray, Max Schindler, James Lasker

Division II champions at the first tournament of the year!
ACF Fall @ WUSTL 2014.
Left to Right: Jason Zhou, Cindy Du, Athena Kern, Marianna Zhang

Only Charles has changed his clothing from last week's tournament. But not from last year's!
ACF Fall 2013.
Left to Right: Charles Tian, Max Schindler, ?????, James Kiselik.

Max isn't afraid to put his arm around John, but the love isn't reciprocated.
Penn Bowl at OSU 2013.
Left to Right: Charles Tian, Max Schindler, John Lawrence, ?????.

Winning ACF Fall 2012.
Left to right: Ben Chametzky, Connie Prater, Doug Graebner, Charles Tian

The annual end of year barbecue 2012.
Back: Charles Tian, Daichi Ueda, Gareth Tan
Front: Connie Prater, Kay Li, Ian Ramdeen

Our trophy for second place undergraduate at ACF Nationals 2012.
Left to right: Jimmy Ready, Doug Graebner, Charles Tian, Connie Prater
Standing ominously behind them: Bruce Arthur and Matt Weiner

Cruising through the Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru at midnight in our fake van.
Left to right: Matt Menard, Peter Shin, Connie Prater, Jimmy Ready, Shen Gong

Oxford Open 2012: Fun in London after the tournament.
Left to right: Tyler Smith, Sam Bailey, Matt Menard, Jimmy Ready, Tracy Lee, Connie Prater

With Paddington Bear.
Back: Sam Bailey, Connie Prater, Tyler Smith
Front: Tracy Lee, Paddington Bear, Jimmy Ready

A group photo after the 2011 Theme Tournament.
Left to right: Charles Tian, Marshall Steinbaum, George Dewey, Sam Bailey, Tracy Lee,
Matt Menard, Margo Emont, The Wolverine, Selene Koo, Jimmy Ready,
and Connie Prater looking super cute in front

Just another spring party practice, full of delicious foods.

The match to decide the Div II NAQT 2011 ICT Champion.
Left to right: Charles Tian, Ben Gammage, Daichi Ueda, Doug Graebner

Chicago A standing dejectedly with their second place trophy after a resounding defeat.
We would later, in 2013, rightfully claim first place after cheating was discovered.
Left to right: Marshall Steinbaum, Michael "Arhola" Arnold, Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, R. Robot Hentzel

Chicago A losing ICT 2010 to Harvard & one cheater.
Left to right: Michael "marnold" Arnold, Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, Marshmallow Steinbaum

Thanks to everyone who has cameras and likes to make people take pictures.

For a older pictures (2002-2008), click here

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